How to Protect your Plumbing System from Extreme Summer Heat

Summer months are dreaded and loved at the same time. It is the season where good and bad things could happen.

Health-wise, everyone should be prepared to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun because it is damaging to our skin and even to the internal systems of our bodies. In fact, the incidents of heat stroke rises tremendously during summer. Of the approximate 10,600 recorded deaths during summer, 15% are from Singapore, so proper precaution should be observed.

Aside from the adverse health effects of summer, the extreme heat of the sun also produces negative impacts on home plumbing systems. Today, we’re going to find out about the most prevalent plumbing problems that households face due to the extreme heat of the sun. In countries like Singapore, every should know how to address these plumbing problems.


PVC Pipe Expansion

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a kind of plastic, categorized as thermoplastic. PVC pipes are most commonly used as plumbing pipes in homes these days because of their flexibility and practicability. PVC pipes don’t rust, unlike metal pipes, making them ideal for home plumbing systems. However, its physical characteristics are highly affected by temperature changes because it’s a form of plastic.

For cold countries in the northern hemisphere, they often face pipe contraction during winter because the PVC pipes are affected by extreme coldness. But for countries like Singapore where it’ seems to be summer all year, heat and humidity cause PVC pipes to expand. Pipe expansions may cause leaks, low water pressure, and worse breakage. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun also affects the impact resistance of the pipes which reduce the ability of these pipes to absorb shock.  Lastly, YV rays also cause discoloration of the pipes. The best solution for the last problem is to paint your pipe. To avoid impact resistance or expansion, get a 24 hours plumbing services Singapore to inspect your plumbing system and they will know best how to protect your PVC pipes from these possibilities.


Bad Toilet Bowl Odor

When you’ve been out on a vacation for a long time and no one uses your toilet bowl, there’s a possibility for it to emit a foul odor. You might be surprised how this can happen when usually, it is the constant usage of toilet bowls that result to a foul smell.

The answer is this: whenever you don’t use your toilet bowl, it is not flushed as well, making it lose its much needed moisture. Without the moisture, the thin layer of water that separates your toilet bowl pipeline from the sewer’s pipes might evaporate. This results to the passage of sewer system’s smell through the pipes of your toilet bowl.


Mold growth from air conditioner drains

The air conditioner drain is still part of your plumbing system although this is connected to your cooling system. Extreme heat causes molds to grow and multiply even faster. These molds contaminate air conditioner drains and filters that may lead to the emission of impure air inside your home through your cooling unit. Therefore, you should inspect these drains and filters to make sure they are mold-free.

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